Why UsWe have 5 decades of collective expertise in technical analysis and deciphering market trends

Choose us to take advantage of our wisdom derived from handling market troughs and peaks over last 20 years

Team Strength
  • Bespoke advisory basis your Balance sheet risk rather than just a plain vanilla market view.
  • Our industry wide experience enables us to implement best practices for market risk management.
  • Our End to End outsourced treasury solutions help in releasing the bandwidth of the MD/ CEO/ CFO to focus on core areas of growth.
  • Availability of industry accepted software for pricing and valuation of derivatives and vetting of pricing shared by banks.
Team Strength

Our Efforts Your Gains

Reduced Transaction Costs

Our dealers save every possible dime for you in transaction execution.

Improved Visibility of Data

Accurate Exposure Summary & Dashboards for Decision Making.

Policy Driven Approach

Broad policy framework aligned to markets gives a clear direction towards hedging removing ambiguity in decision making.

Informed Hedging Strategies

Best in class Analysis to provide you with prompt and effective hedging advisory.

Transform Treasury as Profit Centre

With improved conversion rates, treasury team can ensure the profit margins remain protected.

Your Time is Important/ Increased Bandwidth

Our outsourcing solution ensures that the treasury team can focus on other important areas and we take the entire burden of markets.