Treasury Management Software(TMS)Our deep understanding of market risks, combined with our understanding of client’s business and balance sheet risks has enabled us to implement ERP integrated Treasury management solutions (TMS) where required.

Benefit of TMS

  • Integrating treasury operations and transactions with the accounting ERP on real time basis.
  • Real-time and Accurate cash flow and FX exposure data.
  • End to End Visibility of results of Hedging Decisions.
  • Treasury Dashboards provide intelligent input for hedging strategy.
  • Centralized Control for Funds management.

Role of Forexserve

  • Vendor Evaluation & Selection.
  • Point of Liaison between Internal stakeholders and Software Vendor.
  • Assist Treasury team in laying out the problem areas.
  • Perform User Acceptance Testing of Software.
  • Provide training to the Team.


FX Receivable/ Payable
Accounts Receivable/ Payable
Derivative Contracts
Market Data
Loan Repayments

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Exposure Creation
Netting of FX Exposures
Categorize Data
Month wise
(Currency wise, Location wise, Division Wise, MTM Calculations)


Exposure Dashboards
MTM Report
Hedge Accounting
Policy Compliance Report
Effective & Quick Decision Making

Do you face any challenge in consolidating multi-currency multi geography exposures?

Treasury Management Software (TMS) can help you to consolidate data which may be spread across multiple entities, geographies, banks, currencies etc into one central location and dashboard to enable you to take informed decisions. This helps to have clear view of global cashflow and hedging position.

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Are you ready to move out of an MS Excel based setup into a real time TMS setup to help in effective decision making?

Treasury Management Software (TMS) integrates with ERP and automates the recording and reporting process, making decision making easier and more effective. This also removes any manual dependence and errors.

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Looking to link your accounting ERP to your treasury MIS?

Traditionally the excel based treasury & exposure management existed as two separate MIS systems; necessitating a large amount of co-ordination between departments, requiring cross checking of data and perhaps relying on un-updated exposure data for making decisions. A TMS solves all these problems.

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